Unlike other dealerships, we don't need to find financing for you. At Top Car Sales we finance most of our sales. We don't depend on a bank finance like other dealers, we are your bank. In our company, we finance your future, not your past. Your past doesn't matter to us. We want you in our family and we'll be together for at least a couple years.


Q: What is BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here)?
A: It's when you get your finance within the dealership and you also make your payments there.

Q: Does my past credit affect my chances to be approved?
A: No, your past won't affect your approval. We finance your future, not your past.

Q: How much of down payment do I need?
A: It dependes on the vehicle you want to purchase. The more money down, the smaller your payments will be.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: 2 most recent pay stubs, proof of address (electric or cable bill), your down payment and at least 6 references with names and address.

Q: Is there any requirements about my income or how long I have been at my job?
A: There's no pre set requirement, however we look for stability, and we want to make sure, you can afford the payments for your vehicle.

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